Wednesday, July 13, 2011

toO cUte?

Images above via Too Cute Things. Which is, by the way, one of my absolutely favorite blogs, so full of beauty.

And below some pick from my other favorite, Atelié Gaaya:

 And then couple of my favorites from my favorite shopping place, Etsy:

vintage prom dress by ionesAttic

Felted slippers SUSAN'S PINK DREAM by ing00te

Vintage Pink Lace - Dainty & Romantic by TheLonelyHeart

Monday, July 11, 2011

Images above found via Too Cute Things.

French Boudoir Flapper WIG fit for a Queen by CrudeThings

Summer Rose Soap by 12thAvenue

Sunday, July 10, 2011

tEaL ~ tUrQuOiSe ~ aQuA

Ames Maid Shabby Chic Kitchen Chair and Stool by TomLaurus

Cambrian Blue Clay - All Natural, Handmade, Unscented Soap by RockyTopSoapShop

 Got's the Blues-Baby Shoes by beadsofthefield

Set of 2 Ocean Shoreline Sea Glass Aqua Blue Half Gallon Mason Jar Pendant Lighting Fixture by BootsNGus

Full Length Hand-dyed Bridal Slip by SwankUnderpinnings


BALLET MECANIQUE circle Mini skirt with Doll Hands Pendants by dystopia777

Dragon Nails Fierce Filigree Armor Jewelry by ravenevejewelry

 Twinkle Toes Lower heel...vintage lace and Swarovski crystals and pearls by tlccreationsuk

Elspeth Lace Fingerless Glove Mittens - Snow White Floral Fishnet - Gothic Vampire Lolita Wedding Fetish Belly Dance Goth Bohemian Bridal by ZenAndCoffee


Monday, July 4, 2011


Images above via Atelie Gaaya

Set of Pharmacy prescriptions, 58andGrace on Etsy.

Dreams in Blue, Three Vintage Irise Perfume Bottles, AmongsLovelyThings on Etsy.

Two images above via Too Cute Things.

 By me, *itKuPiLLi*

Turquoise is a very significant color, it was considered a sacred color by ancient cultures. says a student of the esoteric arts, it is the very base colour of the universe.

David Icke

Free People ~ nEw wAve HiPPie cHic aNd PiXie BraiDs

I wish I had little bit more hair and little bit less body...

Via OutsaPop
Hair ~ how to