Friday, June 24, 2011

iNsaNe AdORaBLe piLLoWs

I´m planning to sew some pillows, so I needed some inspiration, and look what I found from Etsy. Aren´t these pillows insane adorable?

First I´m  happy to introduce YelliKelli, a fashion designer from Alabama:

Owl Always Love You

Fresh Fish
All my children
And next we have here RanchoRomantico from beautiful Pacific Northwest, who has fallen in love with the old Mexico art, me too, when I look at these pillows:

Couple in Love

Senorita Riding on a White Horse

Frida Kahlo
And the third find was Mirthquake from Eindhoven, Netherlands. Look at these cute birds:

Little Owl

More birds.
And the last, but not least, End of the World Studio, from Plaquemine, Louisiana:
I wish I´ve made these, all of them are just so fabulous and unique designs.I wish I could come up with ideas as creative as these.


  1. Voi, nuo kaksi alinta ovat suloisia kaikessa kömpelyydessään.

  2. Wow!!! I LOve these pillows!!! I so agree !!! I really like the YelliKelli's pillows and i also loooove Mirthquake's pillows with the birds!!! Adorable!!
    Oh! I want to tell you how glad i am that i found another blog of you!!!
    I really like it!!
    Kisses from Greece!!
    Mirsini!! :o)))

  3. Ihania,varsinkin noi mexico aiheiset...kävisivät mun frida kahlo tauluihin.

  4. Ihania juttuja. Hyvä idea olisikin neuloa/virkata tuollaiset villaiset sohvatyynynpäälliset talveksi-

  5. Thanks for the mention! Lovely blog!